Cyber Security Awareness training

We offer Cyber Security Awareness campaigns for organization to remain cyber secure and build the human firewall. Cyber Security awareness training is one of the best control to mitigate social engineering and phishing attacks. Of the attacks that happened between the years 2016 and 2019, 91% were either caused or initiated through phishing and social engineering at large.

Our training sessions are either:

  1. Classroom-type Cyber security awareness
  2. Computer-based training (Automated Cyber Security Awareness Program). Our training will be comprised of the following:
    • Over 800 security awareness training content items;
    • Interactive modules,
    • 2-4 minutes’ short training videos,
    • Games,
    • Posters and
    • Newsletters – with the diamond level you get frequent, new fresh content. OR
  3. A combination of both Automated Cybersecurity awareness and classroom type cyber awareness. Acute provide a platform to deploy training sessions and test your users if they have understood the concepts using Phish-Threat and related solutions.

      We provide on-demand and customized cyber education and awareness programs for:

  1. Board of Directors and Senior Executives,
  2. Internal Auditors,
  3. Management teams and staff,
  4. Privileged users like, system developers, systems administrators etc. NB. This includes the development and delivery of both classroom style and e-learning online programs.