Governance of Enterprise IT services

Our Teams will work with you to implement Governance of Enterprise Information and related technology. The following services are on offer:
  • IT Governance Design and Implementation.
  • IT Governance Frameworks adoption and implementation including COBIT 2019, ITIL V4, ISO 27001, TOGAF V9.2 and other frameworks.
  • IT and Business strategic alignment gap analysis.
  • IT Risk Optimization.
  • IT Resources optimization
  • Value Delivery and Benefits realization from IT related investment
  • On-going consultancy including; Review and creation of IT and IT Security policies, such as;
    1. General IT Security Policy
    2. Cyber security Awareness and Training,
    3. End point protection,
    4. Data Breach threat crisis management,
    5. IT Risk policy,
    6. Data & Information classification,
    7. Data Protection and Privacy policy,
    8. Logical access control,
    9. Operating systems hardening policy,
    10. Vulnerability Management policy,
    11. New IT System Suppliers policy,
    12. Backup Policy,
    13. Non-Disclosure Agreement Policy,
    14. VPN policy,
    15. Acceptable Use of ICT assets,
    16. Encryption Standard and Policy,
    17. Disaster Recovery Plan
    18. Third-Party Vendor Risk Management policy,
    19. Cloud Security policy,
    20. Network Perimeter security policy,
    21. Content filtering policy and other policies per your requirements.