Guardian360 IT Security Services

Acute Cybersecurity Services has signed a partnership agreement with Guardian360 to offer Cybersecurity services to companies and organisations in Africa.

  1. Phishing As A Service: The phrase ‘phishing’ refers to the ‘angling’ that attackers do to get access to confidential data. One common used method is to do this by email: recipients receive an in their eyes reliable e-mail in which a malicious link is built-in. Once the receiver clicks on this link, it provides the attacker access to the user’s system. Guardian360 offers with its Phishing As A service solution for organizations that have no desire to develop a phishing program by themselves and want to start right away to become familiar with this topic. When recipients are aware of certain characteristics they will less quickly fall for a phishing attempt. This will be a continuous process. For information security-consciousness too, applies the rule that it is an ongoing process. Email recipients should regularly be reminded on what dangers are and for what signals they need to watch out.


  1. Hacker Alert: Probably you already took appropriate measures to prevent a cybersecurity incident. Most organizations already have a firewall and anti-virus program installed, and make use of an online backup. Despite all the measures taken, the chance of an intruder hacking your IT Infrastructure is still existent. Whether it’s a vindictive (ex-employees), a competitor or a criminal organization, virtually every company is interesting enough to be broken into. Guardian360 offers two solutions: a) The Guardian360 Canary and the Guardian360 Canary tokens.



Despite of all forms of protection and scanning there’s still a change that a hacker is trying to penetrate into your network, this is where our Canary comes in and alarms you in silence.


The Canary is a virtual device which will be placed in your company’s internal network. The intention of this device is purely based on listening until someone is trying to make connection with the device itself. In a normal situation nobody would have the intention to connect to this device.


How does the canary work?

When a hacker penetrated your network due to a phishing attack or malware for example, he or she will be trying to gain more information about your network. Whenever this happens the hacker has to make use of certain exploration tools to see which systems will react or to see where internal documents are saved, for example.


By this exploration the Guardian360 Canary will be touched and as a reaction it will alarm. In this way you get quickly informed about the hack and helps you to react on this hack as fast as possible. Which reduces the change that the hack will have dramatic consequences.


One of the biggest problems according to this kind of incidents is that the majority of the companies find out that they have been hacked or had a breach after months or even years. With the use of the Guardian360 Canary you know that you are being hacked, at the moment a hacker is exploring your network. In this way you get to know of the incident in an early stage and the data breach could even be prevented.


The solution is depicted as shown below:




The Guardian360 Canary Tokens offers you a more stringent detection inside your applications or network. With the uniquely generated tokens your company is able to detect an attack or a data breach inside your network, applications or external resources.

At the time a hacker touches the token, either tries to read your data, our platform will alarm. In a normal situation nobody would have the intention to connect to this data.

Examples where our Canary Tokens have been processed:

                    i.        Website

                   ii.        Database server

                  iii.        Word/PDF documents on a network share

                  iv.        LinkedIn-account of a fake employee  




  1. Continuous Network Security Scanning: The Guardian360 network vulnerability scanner consists of several Network Scanners, which are constantly in- and around your network searching for weak spots or network vulnerabilities in both network- and web application securities. In case a network intruder or hacker still turns out to be able to compromise your network, despite all forms of security and scanning, our ‘Canary’ sets off a silent alarm. The 24-7 functioning Security Operations Center (SOC) will immediately identify and disable any intruder or hacker!


  1. Web Application Security: With Guardian360 your critical web application is optimally secured thanks to highly equipped web application security. Because Guardian constantly scans for vulnerabilities in your web- application, web-server, database- server and other systems, you considerably reduce the chance of theft of your business-critical data and downtime.


  1. Network Security Audits: The Guardian360 platform  scans according to the ISO27001, OWASP, GDPR, NCSC, BIG and Norea/DigiD code-standards. The Compliancy audits of Guardian360 show you how far you meet the appropriate regulations in the field of information security. With Guardian360’s Compliance & website security check you are going for an optimal compliancy. All found issues are fully automatic measured against the multiple standards and requirements of information security. If a security issue is found, you will know instantly which standard is not achieved or the recommendation not met. And, when an issue is resolved, you can show your auditor with confidence that you are ‘in control’.