Vulnerability Assessments and Penetration Testing Services

We provide both vulnerability assessments and penetration testing services to help you assess your extent of IT security vulnerability or possibility of attacks originating from outside and within your private network as well as ascertain the extent to which such vulnerabilities can be exploited. Sophisticated attacks can target the entire IT Infrastructure covering networks, web Infrastructure, switches and routers, stakeholders, data and business applications. We utilize the following Anatomy of a hack as we perform our penetration tests:

As we conduct Vulnerability Assessments and Penetration Testing, our objective will be to:

  • Identify and prioritize known vulnerabilities and weaknesses.
  • Test the organization’s ability to effectively defend and respond to cyber-attacks.
  • Identify and remediate vulnerable attack vectors.
  • Assess the operational impact of a successful cyber-attack.

Within this service line, we can provide the following sub-services:

  1. Hacker Alert Notification. We can provide a hardware based device to search for likely hacker activities and notifications are send to stakeholders.
  2. New Risk Notification. Our team will be constantly searching for new risks and will promptly distribute them to our clients.
  3. External Vulnerability Scans. Once every two weeks or 1 month, the external (internet facing) network is scanned by multiple industry leading scanners.
  4. Internal Vulnerability Scans. At this stage, we scan your internal IT Infrastructure at least once per quarter depending on the data classification. At this stage, we can work with you to detect:
    • Open ports and services running at the client.
    • Malware and viruses.
    • Known vulnerabilities
    • Web services potentially serving malicious or malware content.
    • Security misconfigurations
    • Missing patches and security updates and remediation.
  5. Internal and External Penetration Testing. Our team will look for vulnerabilities in the IT Infrastructure and try to exploit such weaknesses to deliver value to you. Our team will not just use automated tools and say, “we have performed a penetration test”. At Acute Cybersecurity Services, if we say we will perform penetration test, we follow our approach from reconnaissance, enumeration, trying to get system access, exploit vulnerable platforms, services, web running of the target IT Infrastructure. For all vulnerable systems or targets we identify, we will test all weaknesses for exploitability and document the results of such tests. The tests are to be shared with our clients.
  6. Security Operations Center as a service. We appreciate that, it’s not always all the time(s) you may want to blow a very big budget. As such, we have come up with a solution for multi-clients SOC but without compromising our clients’ data and information.